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Hindi Songs

I love Hindi songs! They touch the soul. My favourits are Arijit Sing and Atif Aslam :) To undestand Hindi songs what can I do? I saw a post saying that there are many things are lacking in Duolingo course and I don't know what to do. (I am Turkish)

October 11, 2018



The website mrandmrs55.com is a blog run by two students who translate old Hindi songs into English and explain them. They have vocabulary lists at the bottom too so you can look at the words individually.


Me too! Usually if you search up the English translation for them, you can get a pretty good overview on what the song is about.


Just like you.. I love hindi songs.. Especially the songs from bollywood movies :) I love watch movies with the beloved jodi SRK and Kajol :) Usually I listen those songs on Saavn website.... you can visit and listen to your favorites songs there.


Then you must have liked DDLJ (dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge) one of my favourite....

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