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  5. "Shizheʼé bee naaki dibé."

"Shizheʼé bee naaki dibé."

Translation:My father has two sheep.

October 11, 2018



It is more correct to say "shizhé'é naaki dibé bee holó"

[deactivated user]

    That's what we have learned in previous lessons and what is taught in Goossen's Diné Bizaad textbook. You need a pronoun + the -ee suffix followed hólǫ́.

    I have not finished Goossen's book so I do not know if he includes other ways of expressing this kind of possession, like a different construction when using numbered objects like in this sentence, but this seems to be the proper way taught by Goossen and other resources.


    This course is riddled with typos and errors :/ I hope they rework it at some point


    Can i get hired to give this audio??? Please its driving me mad as a native who cant hear the pronunciation .. email me @ arialisazulestrella@gmail.com

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