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  5. "ke keiki kāne"

"ke keiki kāne"

Translation:the boy

October 11, 2018



What does kāne mean here?


"Male". To say "girl", "keiki wahine" changes a little to become "kaikamahine". I don't know why it changes. You'll see similar patterns in other words, where the word alone is genderless and you can add kāne or wahine to give it a gender.


Funny how literal it is: male kid and female kid


I know right, It is crazy. I was trying to press boy and was just like o wait no...


Glad to hear. At least I finally found something in common (I am another Austronesian non Polynesian speaker)


I was trying to press boy


You just pronounce all the letters individually and then run them together.


I was doing a question and I put in the answer correctly but it said it was wrong and showing me the correct answer what it is exactly what I put in am I the only one having this problem.


I had that same problem!!!!!


Just could take Kane away


I was very confused because all of the words sounding similar. The difference is that one is boy and the other is the.


There's half as many letters in the Hawaiian alphabet as in the English alphabet which has two results. 1) when you learn short words, they will often be very similar and blend together easily. 2) There will be fewer short words and a lot of long words. Both things make learning the vocabulary just a little bit harder. Go slow and pay a lot of attention to every letter. With half has many letters, they are each twice as important.


So ke is the masculine article and ka the femenine article?


Nope. In front of "kaikamahine" it would be "ke" even though a "girl" is feminine. There aren't masculine and feminine articles in Hawaiian. It's sort of like English "a" and "an" which changes depending on what letter the next word starts with. "The" is "ka" in front of most letters, but becomes "ke" in front of k, e, a, and o. So in front of "wahine" you would use, "ka", but in front of "kāne" and "kaikamahine" it is "ke".


Why is "boy" accepted as an answer (as opposed to "the boy"?) Isnʻt "ke" like the article "the" in English?


Is there audio for this? Because mine isnt working


Mind sometimes doesn't work to its really annoying, but I'm glad it's not just me.


seems there's only audio for the listening exercises


so hard to pronounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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