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  5. "नेहा चाय पीती है।"

"नेहा चाय पीती है।"

Translation:Neha drinks tea.

October 11, 2018



For the exercises where I am asked to choose 1 of 4 words to fill the space, it would be good to hear the sentence after I have chosen the answer. I'm not sure where to put that request, as it isn't really a fault that I can report. If someone on the Hindi development team reads this - please add sound for the sentences after we have chosen the answer.


I did realise later on that by coming to the discussion page, I can listen to the sentence here. Doh!


I agree on this. i am not learning when i don't know what the right answer says


It sounds like meha drinks tea


Neha drinks Tea right answer


What is the difference in hindi between Neha drinks tea and Neha is drinking tea?


Neha drinks tea (नेहा चाय पीती है) is in simple present tense while neha is drinking tea (नेहा चाय पी रही है) will be present continuous tense.

Hope it helps. ^-^'


Neha drinks tea: नेहा चाय पीती है Neha is drinking tea: नेहा चाय पी रही है (note the conjugated verb is रहना and we use the bare stem of पीना)


The word for tea can be चा as well, 'cā' is more often spoken than चाय


Why "tea" in hindi sounds like "shae"? Shouldn't it be like "shai"? The ending "y" sounds like "e" in "red" to me, instead like "e" in "me", is that right? Do you hear the same?


what is the difference between 'khaatha' and 'khaathi'.. similarly, 'peetha' 'peethi'..?is it purely gender specific??


Yes. The inflection of the verb changes depending on the subject. -tā is masculine, -tī is feminine, and -tē is masculine plural.


Yes. Peetha is for M. Gender and Peethi is for F. Gender. Any verb, that ends with 'Aa' or 'tha' means the action is performed by the M. Gender. And similarly, any verb that ends with 'Ii' or 'thi' denotes that the action is performed by F. Gender.


How can we differentiate from Pithi and Pitha. Does both mean the same?


Verbs are conjugated according to the grammatical gender of the subject. -ता is masculine, -ती is feminine, and -ते is masculine plural.

मैं चाय पीता हूँ and मैं चाय पीती हूँ both mean "I drink tea" but only a male speaker would use the former, and only a female speaker would use the latter.


What is the answer

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