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"Bahan piring ini adalah emas."

Translation:The material of this plate is gold.

October 11, 2018



The Indonesian sentence makes sense but the English one is unnatural


A better translation is "this plate is made of gold"


"this plate is made of gold" = "Piring ini terbuat (terbikin) dari emas"


Technically correct, but going the other way, "The material of this plate is gold" is not a typical sentence structure. I think we should not be teaching transliteration but how to converse in the other language.


In my opinion, we want to learn both. Learning literal meaning helps to understand nuance.

That said there's a better term than "material" on the tip of my tongue that I can't think of right now.


You're right. Accuracy isn't important when translating FROM the target language into English, and especially since with Duo it's just a constant source of questions unfairly marked wrong. We need just enough accuracy to check we understand the meaning of the words in the sentence. We're not here to learn English, we're here to learn Indonesian.


I agree, however, as many would be aware, there are many people learning Indonesian through using English as a second or third language. It does not help them to learn bad sentence construction in English. Just saying...


"this plate's material is gold" should also be an option.


If you want to keep the word "bahan", then options for translation could be: "The material used to make this plate is gold" or "Gold is the material used to make this plate".


In this case the English sentence is technically correct, just oddly phrased. Making the English sentence more natural would undercut understanding how the Indonesian sentence is constructed.

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