"He kumu ʻo Kēhau."

Translation:Kēhau is a teacher.

October 12, 2018

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there is no virtual keyboard for diacritics


I'll add my name to it. This is the second time where the special characters do not appear on the web-version, I think both are challenges with "Kēhau" in them.


There is an Hawaiian keyboard for Iphones that has all the extra marks but I canʻt find a keyboard for the pc with the kahako


I now know that it provides the special keys on my laptop when the answer is to be given in 'olelo Hawai'i ...but not if I'm typing a Hawaiian name like Kehau for the English answer. It does accept the English apostrophe as the 'okina. I just ignore their admonishments cuz it isn't counted wrong.


While in typing mode, I have no easy way to type any words containing vowels with a macron. The special character bar should be an automatic option for any boxes requiring an answer in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi. I can copy/paste the ʻokina, but the kahakō is not available.


Are you on a computer or a mobile device?

The web page should detect that you are using a physical keyboard and offer you a string of special characters below the entry box. Are you getting those?

If you are in one of the mobile apps the virtual keyboard will allow you to type the special characters. Touch the letter you want and hold your finger on it until a box pops up with variations of that letter. You can hold on the apostrophe to get the rotated version used for the ‘okina.


I am currently on the web version. The special character string shows up most of the time, but sometimes, as with this question, it is absent. I think it may have something to do with boxes that allow the use of a word bank, which I am opting out of.


I'm in the same situation. The special character string needs to be available.


Me too- sometimes it shows and sometimes not on Duolingo. I canʻt load ʻolelo Hawaiʻi on my laptop for some reason so I donʻt have kahako or or a true ʻokina.


It may also have to do with the sizing of the screen. I had noticed that the bar across the bottom would sometimes cover up the special letters for me and when I resized my screen I was able to see them.


Didn't like my answer when I typed that "Yes I know there is the accent line over the 'e'..... Can't win here, can we? I used to see the box with such accents. I am on a laptop.

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