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  5. "He kumu ʻo Kēhau."

"He kumu ʻo Kēhau."

Translation:Kēhau is a teacher.

October 12, 2018



I'll add my name to it. This is the second time where the special characters do not appear on the web-version, I think both are challenges with "Kēhau" in them.


There is an Hawaiian keyboard for Iphones that has all the extra marks but I canʻt find a keyboard for the pc with the kahako


there is no virtual keyboard for diacritics


I now know that it provides the special keys on my laptop when the answer is to be given in 'olelo Hawai'i ...but not if I'm typing a Hawaiian name like Kehau for the English answer. It does accept the English apostrophe as the 'okina. I just ignore their admonishments cuz it isn't counted wrong.

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