"Pekerja yang tertua di kantor saya umurnya lima puluh lima tahun."

Translation:The oldest employee in my office is fifty five years old.

October 12, 2018

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Employee is pegewai


Agree. I threw a related question about the difference between "pekerja" (worker/labor) and "pegawai" (employee).


"Pekerja" doesn't always mean "employees". A person could work "with" a company on a service contract basis, not on a labor contract. In this case, this person is called "pekerja" (worker) at the company, but not "pegawai" (employee). For example, a janitor is assigned to the company by a staffing agency. This janitor is called "pekerja" but not "pegawai" of the company.

BTW, according to Indonesian speakers, "pegawai" is mainly used to describe employees in public sectors only.


Sama dengan ayahku saat ini

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