October 12, 2018

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does anyone have a link for pronunciation?

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    This video, by the way, was made by one of the Duolingo Navajo contributors.

    The vowel sounds, broken down:

    aa- long /a/ sound, like ah. This is said in the low or neutral tone.

    ąą - same sound as aa but nasalized

    ą́ą́ - nasalized with high tone. High tone just needs to a recognizably higher pitch than your normal pitch (which is your low tone).


    Surely naadą́ą́ is technically even closer to the English "maize"! Rejected & reported. In American English "corn" does mean maize, but remember that in the UK and elsewhere "corn" means "wheat"... I'll stand corrected if a Navajo speaker actually argues naadą́ą́ also refers to wheat, but, really???

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