October 12, 2018

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The answer it showed was exactly the answer that I gave. But it said that I was wrong.


did you add the okinas?


Earlier, if someone used an apostrophe instead of an 'okina DLHawaiian disallowed it, but I think they figured out some platforms don't have an easy way to type 'okina for those who want to try not using the word tiles, so it seems that they accept apostrophes now (thanks DL)


Yes. My response looked exactly like the correct answer.


If a child says uh-oh, it sounds like an okina is in the middle. To type it would look like u'o


The linguistic term is actually a glottal stop which English actually has, depending on the speaker


True. The glottal stop is the technical name for the sound, and the okina is the letter used to represent it in the Hawaiian alphabet (it looks very similar to an apostrophe)


It's like an apostrophe but you take a small pause between the letters when there is an okina


I dont know why that would of happened. Maybe you did lowercase ?


I am so frustrated because i put the right anwser and it said it was incorrect!


Its dumb bc the "other translation" is identical to the answer I gave, dosen't make sense


My answer was correct


'a'ole has an okina at the start of the word. How does it affect the word? What would be the difference if there was no okina before the letter "a"?


I assume you mean difference in sounds. If you hear the word spoken in isolation there's not really a difference that I can hear. However in reality you almost never say a single word alone, and all Hawaiian words end with a vowel. So if you say the word 'Okina by itself out just sounds like "o-ki-na". But if you say "ka 'okina" the letter would be clearly heard.

If you mean difference in meaning, the are two completely different words. 'Okina is a letter.


Accidentally hit the wrong key!


Ho w to get the 2 lines each side of A??


I assume you mean the ʻokina and you are using the "type in the answer" option. The letters with kahako and ʻokina are under the keyboard on the screen.

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