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  5. "Gah haash wolyé?"

"Gah haash wolyé?"

Translation:What is the rabbit's name?

October 12, 2018



Again (!!), how are we going to learn to pronounce Navajo words if there is no sound??!!!f???


It is in beta, it will take time to get audio for the entire course.


Bugs Bunny (someone had to say it)


One of these days my comments are going to have an effect: When are we going to HEAR Navajo?? I don't even know what you mean when you say that Navajo is in "Beta". What is Beta??!!??



Beta means the course is not 100% final. They release it for people to start learning so errors can be reported and fixed. This also means audio is not all done for the entire course. It takes a lot of time and is probably difficult to find people to speak for a smaller language like Navajo.

It's pretty amazing to have a native language like Navajo on here so let's be patient with their work to finish and make it better.


In the lesson there is no option to say "rabbit's", only "rabbits," which is not possessive.


Yáʼátʼééh! Please, try using the report button to be fixed.

Ahéheeʼ! :)


The report button's options don't allow a comment like that!


Suppose, I'm going to finish studying navajo. I really need to listen the pronunciation of this language...


There's a "'s" on the preset choices however and if you choose it after "rabbit" it gives you a "correct".


Gah haash wolýe? Type this in English: Me: What is the rabbit name? Computer: Wrong!!!!!!!!!! Computer: -What is the rabbits name?- Me: ❤❤❤! Where the hell do you get the S from??????? BS fix it!!

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