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"The woman has a little bit of fruit."

Translation:La femme a un peu de fruits.

April 1, 2013



Do we need to use the plural of fruits here? I don't see why "La femme a un peu de fruit" should be wrong, e.g., if a woman just carries half an apple or something like that.


"a little bit of" = "un petit morceau de" or "un petit peu de".

If you are referring to a woman selling "un peu de fruits" on the market, it means that overall the quantity is small yet several different fruits are displayed.


Thanks. So "un peu" is more like "a few" than "a bit of" and "un petit peu de" implies that we have a sub-piece of an individual quantity unit?


"un peu" mainly means "a little" (non-countable).

You can use it also for countable things, but "quelques" is generally preferred.

"un petit peu" is smaller than "un peu" (like "a tiny bit" vs "a little bit" vs "a bit of...")


It accepted "La femme a un petit morceau de fruit".

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