Translation:You see us.

October 12, 2018



How would you say "I see us" in Klingon?


When you look at the Klingon verb prefix chart, you'll see a "—" where the I–we prefix would be. This means it is one of the "subject-object combinations which cannot be expressed with the Klingon verb prefix system. For such meanings, suffixes... and/or pronouns... must be used."

We are never told how to handle this particular combination, and people ask about it from time to time. My guess — and it's only a guess — is that you'd say maH vIlegh.

If that's not allowed, then you might be able to split this into two sentences: vay' vIlegh; maH 'oH vay'vetlh'e' I see someone; we are that someone.

Or you could even split the us into multiple groups. jIlegh'egh 'ej latlhpu' vIlegh I see myself and I see others; I see myself and others.

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