"Komentar paling bodoh yang pernah saya baca."

Translation:The most stupid comment that I have ever read.

October 12, 2018

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'baca' not 'baka' LOL

Anyway, baka is stupid in Japanese. What a coincidence with this sentence


Halo teman! Sudah dilaporan. :)


This is not a sentence in English, but rather just a noun phrase.


The question is: Is this a sentence in Indonesian, or just a noun-phrase?


Yes, in English we would begin with, This is ... or That is/was ...


Yes, I think that if they put “ini” at the beginning, that would be better, because some people might wring their head trying to turn this into a sentence and thinking something is missing in their translation.


"The stupidest", not "the most stupid"


Both work. It's complicated with two-syllable adjectives because some inflect more often than others, but I'm not sure where “stupid” would fall on the continuum. Let's just say that “most stupid” is more emphatic than “stupidest.” http://www.onestopenglish.com/methodology/teaching-tips/ask-the-experts/grammar-questions/grammar-two-syllable-comparatives/146356.article


...ba-cha not ba-ka - hope they'll fix it soon, thanks ...formal grammar (speeches, tests, official documents) would use 'most + adjective' - one can say stupidest in spoken or informal language, although i haven't really heard it commonly used


...yang pernah saya baca atau ...yang saya pernah baca

do they mean slightly different things, or only one is correct?


"The comments are the most stupid that I have ever read" should be accepted as a correct answer. The given translation in English is not a complete sentence, or ... maybe it is not a complete sentence in Indonesian either?

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why is it more than a year since people started complaining that baca is not pronounced correctly here and in other places on this website and nothing has been done about it?


Yeah, at first I was willing to forgive a lot of the issues with this course since it was still in beta. But I'm not convinced any of them have really been looked at.


I couldn't work it out because it was the stupidist statement I have ever read. It should of had a "This is" or "That is" at the beginning.

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