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"Ich würde es mir nicht anders wünschen."

Translation:I would not wish for it to be any different.

April 1, 2013



Where does "mir" get into it?


"to me" = mir

I would not wish it (to be) different to me


If you leave out "mir" does it make no sense?


Well, it is a reflexive verb, so best just to use it with the dative reflexive pronoun

Maybe someone else could answer whether it makes sense on its own


Can someone explaing to me the difference between anders and anderes? Why the latter is wrong?


I believe that anders is the adverb, "differently", whereas anderes is the adjective "different" with a neuter ending. So you would have "ein anderes ding" = "a different thing". The adjective in itself is slightly strange as it doesn't really have a base form: http://dict.leo.org/#/search=anderes=0=basic=on

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