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"Ich will dich einem Freund vorstellen."

Translation:I want to introduce you to a friend.

April 1, 2013



Is it the same?: - I want to introduce you a friend (A friend is being introduced to you) - I want to introduce you to a friend (You are being introduce to a friend)


No, it's not the same because they are different cases:
I want to introduce you to a friend. - Ich will dich einem Freund vorstellen.
I want to introduce a friend to you. - Ich will dir einen Freund vorstellen.


Correct. With the verb "throw" it is the difference between "I want to throw you to the ball" and "I want to throw the ball to you"


DL just accepted my wrong answer of 'I want to introduce a friend to you' as correct! Thanks, was wondering about the cases. Would have messed up my grammar understanding quite a bit. Reported.


The indirect object is always in the dative case.


Why I can't say... I want to present you a friend???


voestellen is a dative verb .. okay .. in this sentence .. the dative case was only with " einem fruend " and not with " you = dich " does " ich will dir einem fruend vorstellen " make any sense ?

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