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Duolingo Stories change

Has anyone noticed that the feature that allows you to toggle between having the text and the audio only is gone?

Please bring that back! I loved using Stories for practicing my auditory comprehension. Now it's basically useless.

October 12, 2018



Agreed! I thought they were absolutely brilliant for adding that feature, and then they took it away lol. Now I literally just force myself to stare somewhere else so I can still practice listening.


Ayy, I just checked and you're right. Yeah...either another A/B Test or some scientific thing, or some bug, or....I don't know. Duolingo's constantly changing. But you have my vote to bring it back.


Yes, not seeing the text really helps to improve listening skills. I agree that we should have an option.


I close my eyes and use the enter key, peeking often, and when questions show up.

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