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"Torg's name"

Translation:torgh pong

October 12, 2018



The answer is torgh pong because pong is the object in case?


When combining two nouns in a genitive or possessive manner, the second noun is the actual thing being discussed and the preceding noun is a description or possessor of the thing: torgh pong "Torg's name", tlhIngan Hol "Klingon('s) language", baS 'In "metal bell", etc. Some people find it helpful to think of them as, "name of Torg", "Language of Klingons", and "bell of metal". I don't like that because you have to reverse the order, but it's a more consistent usage so maybe it will help you. In any case, this noun-noun phrase can then be used as an object, a subject, or even another kind of noun like a location.

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