"the houses"

Translation:nā hale

October 12, 2018

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Is the correct answer "na hale" instead of ka hale due to plurality? e.g. Ka hale would just mean "The house" instead of "the houses", correct?


'Ae/ Yes. nā hale is plural as opposed to ka hale. *(Do not forget the kahakō over the a in nā.)


How do you make the kahako over the letters?


Look under the text box


If you're using yr phone, press and hold the letter a and the different accents that go with the letter a will pop up. Then just slide over to the correct accent. Åāăąáä, etc.


correct cause na=the but plural and ka is just one


Okay, so in the case of wāhine, the kahak[o] is added to denote it being the plural of wahine. But hale does not become hāle when plural. Am I right to assume that the accent change is unique to some words instead of being a general rule, then?


ʻAe, pololei! Yes, that's correct! Most words don't change in spelling or pronunciation when made plural. It just so happens that wāhine (and some other words like it) are exceptions to the rule. We have already seen wahine -> wāhine. A couple more examples are kaikamahine -> kaikamāhine and makua -> mākua. Definitely check out the Tips & Notes section (the lightbulb button that appears when you click on a skill, on the web only, unfortunately) for more grammar-related info.

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