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Prospects for the course

Do we know how long and complete the full Hawaiian tree will be once they add all the skills? I was wondering because I saw that the course staff will add 10 more skills probably in November, but still, it's a shorter course than Japanese, for example. I'm not complaining nor is it my intent to lessen the work of the volunteers, on the contrary, I feel what they are doing is remarkably and inspiring - I, too, plan to apply for a minority language course in the near future -, but I'd like to know what can we expect from the full course once completed. Is it intended for helping learners achieve A1 in the language?

October 12, 2018

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They just added a bunch more to the French tree and that is one of the oldest languages on Duolingo, so I suppose, given enough time, it could become quite large. I suspect that there is no end goal for the language, just a plan for continued expansion.

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