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To Tutor Spanish; Where to start?

Hi everyone

I wondering if any educators or past tutors would be able to help me out with tutoring another language

I am a bilingual, speaking English and Spanish. I want to tutor Spanish here in Canada and I am wondering what I should do to teach someone?

Is there a routine or a way of teaching do you use?

How do you teach another language from scratch?

Thanks everyone,

October 12, 2018



If you've figured out how to use your duome.eu page, and you can explain what spaced repetition is and why it's a good idea to keep the tree gold, then you could teach your tutees how to use Duolingo effectively.


I don't know about teaching Spanish, but to teach English people generally get TOEFL/TOESL certified. I would imagine Spanish has something similar. Have you tried googling for "teach Spanish abroad"? That's where I'd start.

Oh! Don't limit yourself to Canadian students, either. You can teach online through sites like Verbling.com. Browse some of the Spanish teachers' credentials there and you might get an idea of what it would take to teach Spanish as a second language.

Buena suerte!

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