"Apakah kamu tidak mengingat saya?"

Translation:Do you not remember me?

October 12, 2018



i'm fairly sure you can form a question just by changing your intonation, so when do you need to / can you put apakah at the start of a sentence?

October 12, 2018


Mostly for formal sentences; however, it is good to learn as our accents make it less obvious when forming questions without this bit of clarity.

October 13, 2018


Why is "You don't remember me?" marked incorrect?

October 28, 2018


Because you included the question mark your version is also correct. Without the question mark your version would be a statement; whereas their version would still be a question (lacking the appropriate punctuation). You should still report it.

October 28, 2018


why is "have you not remembered me" marked incorrect

June 2, 2019


why does it use kamu (informal) and saya (formal) in the same sentence?

July 22, 2019


As long as they're referring to different persons, it's okay. For example, if "saya" (first person formal) is used, continue using it for the rest of the sentence. If "kamu" (second person informal) is used, continue using it for the rest of the sentence.

In this sentence, "kamu" and "saya" is used in the same sentence because they're referring to different persons (second and first person respectively).

August 11, 2019
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