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I assume this is not how I am supposed to be doing the translations but I find myself going through hovering over most of the words in the sentence, then using the translations I'm given to create a sentence that reads well in English.

I'd love the ability to practice translating with a few words I haven't met yet, rather than the current system of going to the translations tab to try out what I know and ending up with pretty much all the words being words I don't understand.

Also I find it very disheartening when I have sat and worked through a translation to come back and find that the entire thing has been translated by other people into words which mean the same as what I wrote but don't read as fluently in English. I'm starting to think I should stop bothering with the translations part of Duolingo and get my translation practice elsewhere (using Google Translate/a dictionary)

April 1, 2013

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Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the translation experience. We'll be working on making it better as we go along. Your points are interesting to hear and all hit on areas that we'll be spending time making better. Of course, we want you to enjoy the experience first and foremost. It's good to get feedback like this. Thank you!

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