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"E hoʻomaʻemaʻe kākou i ka papahele."

Translation:Let's all clean the floor.

October 13, 2018



I'm so happy that there's audio now,

but I also wish I could tap each individual word to hear one word at a time. That would really help too, especially for the longer words.


Is “We should clean the floor “ not a correct answer? It rendered it incorrect.


"We should clean the floor" is fine. It should be accepted now.


I was taught that "We should clean..." = "Pono kākou e ho'oma'ema'e..." The exercise states "E ho'oma'ema'e kākou..." which indicates the command form. The command form for "kākou" is "let us all." This is why I hope moderators are reading these.


This would be easier to memorize if the correct answer was "Let's all clean the floor," when using "kākou." This reasoning is true for "Let's both clean the floor" when using "kāua."


"Let's all clean the floor" is accepted now.


We will clean the floor


That would be E hoʻomaʻemaʻe ana kākou i ka papahele.


"We will clean the floor" should be accepted now!


i put "lets clean the floor"


That should be accepted too.


"Let's clean the floor" should be accepted.


Guys (developers). I'm told "us" but "us" is NOT PROVIDE as a word to select. This is a "select the words" exercise. Let's all clean up DL.


That is one of the picky things about the program and English grammar. Let's is a contraction of Let us, thus the hint showing us. The options to choose should be either Let's or Let us but not Let or us only.


I'm not completely sure what happened here, but sometimes Duolingo does some funky things when there are words with apostrophes. If I can see this happen I'll bring it up as a bug with Duolingo staff.


How would this be turned into a command? And what sets this apart from a command as opposed to, "let's'?


If you said "E hoʻomaʻemaʻe ʻoe i ka papahele" or "E hoʻomaʻemaʻe i ka papahele" then it would be "Clean the floor". The "E __ kākou" in this sentence makes it "let us __" because you are also including yourself now.


It said I had a typo for using "let's" instead of "let us" but the word "us" was not part of the selection. Why do that other than to cause confusion?

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