"Clean the house."

Translation:E hoʻomaʻemaʻe ʻoe i ka hale.

October 13, 2018

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Could you say 'ma' here instead of 'i'?


Good question! Not in this case. For this context, the word i is not used as a preposition of location or movement (to, at, in, on, etc.) It has a totally different use. The word i is used as a particle to mark the direct object of the verb. It has no meaning in English, but it is required. See my explanation to KarinLynn1.


That's so helpful, I really didn't know that. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain!


I was also having issues with this. Thanks


I was wondering why the sentence needs "i" and then thought maybe without it infers cleaning the inside and outside - cleaning the house itself - instead of more like "clean (the inside of the) house." Does that make sense?


'A'ole/No. The word i in this sentence has no connotation or implication. It just is an object marker, meaning that ka hale is not the subject, it is what you are cleaning.

Kiloi ke keiki i ke kinipōpō i ka wahine. --> The child throws the ball to the woman.

The i before kinipōpō is needed because it is not the subject. The subject who is throwing is ke keiki and you see it has no word i before it.


Is "ʻoe" necessary in this sentence being that the sentence in English doesn't have "you" in it?


'Clean!' is the 2nd Person imperative, so the you is implied in English... We can also in English say 'let's clean' (1st person plural) and 'let him/her/them clean' (3rd person)

Whether Hawaiians can drop the ʻoe, I don't know.. sorry.


I have always learned it, heard it, and said it without the 'oe.


Is there a way the program can accept a ' mark when using a device that does not have a Hawaiian keyboard installed, without labeling it a typo?


An apostrophe works


Are you using a phone


What if you are talking to more than one person? Both 'olua and 'oukou are correct, and not only 'oe, yet Duolingo is accepting only 'oe. That is wrong.


I think that would only work if the sentence was "You all clean the house."

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