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Words from Initial Skills

In case this list of use, in the initial stages of acquisition. I myself depend on list and making notes to achieve things. And I thought others may benefit from this also.

Navajo Vocabulary English skill
ahéheeʼ thank you Introduction
daʼ you mean / does / is Introduction
dóó and Introduction
góó are / is / I am Introduction
haash yinilyé What is your name? Introduction
hágoóneeʼ see you later Introduction
naat'áaniinééz to Shiprock/Shiprock Introduction
náhásdlį́į́ʼ are you going Introduction
náhástéi going / go / goes Introduction
ni you Introduction
shimá mother Introduction
yáʼátʼééh hello Introduction
yáʼátʼééh abiní good morning Introduction
adáʼí a maternal uncle Family
ádí an older sister Family
ánaaí an older brother Family
atsilí a younger brother Family
bee he / she / they (singular) / it Family
hólǫ́ have / I have Family
shi my / I / me Family
shí nalí asdzaan My paternal grandmother Family
shicheii My maternal grandfather Family
shimá yazhí My aunt / My maternal aunt Family
shimasaní My maternal grandmother Family
shíyeʼ my son Family
shizheʼé my dad Family
azeeʼdíchʼííʼ pepper Food
béégashii bitsįʼ beef Food
bįįh yildeeʼį́ cherry Food
bił with he/she/ they (singular) / it Food
bilasáana apple Food
bisóodi bitsįʼ bacon Food
chʼééhjiyáán watermelon Food
chʼil łichxíʼí tomato Food
chʼil łitsxooí orange Food
dah woozh strawberry Food
daosą́ʼ eat this Food
didzétsoh peach Food
hashkʼaan banana Food
naadą́ą́ corn Food
naʼahóóhai bitsįʼ chicken Food
nímasii potato Food
tązhii bitsįʼ turkey meat Food
tłʼoh chin onion Food
waaʼ spinach Food
yishą́ I eat / I am eating Food
yį́yą́ is eating Food

disclaimer: I do not know Navajo. I am not on the Navajo team. I do not guarantee that these translations are exactly correct. However they are fairly close.
And here is a spread sheet of the words that may also be useful. Again, I do not guarantee its thoroughness nor completeness nor accuracy in any way, and also that the word list will be changing, in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons. However, for my learning retention and recall, I rely heavily on lists such as this. And I thought it may be of use also for others, that also find creating resources such as this an asset to their language acquisition.

October 13, 2018



Okay, there some fatal errors (both spelling and definitions) in this list and one of the biggest is the enclitic -góó.

The enclitic -góó itself does not mean, "am, is, or are" -góó merely shows direction. For example, Toohgóó (or Naat’áanii Néézgóó) déyá. I am going to Shiprock. It is said as Shiprock-to-I-have started off on foot.

Another error is with náhásdlį́į́' which means, "has been restored, is back in existence." A common phrase this word is used in is the famous Navajo saying, "Hózhǫ́ náhásdlį́į́', hózhǫ́ náhásdlį́į́'", which translates roughly into English as "Beauty, harmony has been restored, is back in existence, has returned."

Please be careful. :)


Yáʼátʼééh! I think the word náhásdlį́į́ is not from Introduction, but from Phrases skill. Also, the word náhástéi is introduced in Numbers. Perhaps, @lindakanga wanted to show the words diníyá and déyá from the Introduction skill. :)


Thank for this! It's great to have a list of all the words and their meanings. Are you planning to keep this updated as you go through the rest of the course? I'm planning to create a compilation of all the sentences in the course and their translations. Working on it at the moment and so far completed the first skill.


Also, I recommend checking out the resources mentioned in this post: - Navajo Family https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29199378 located on the external resource "PinInterest"

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