"Nejíme hrušky."

Translation:We do not eat pears.

October 13, 2018

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Why is "We are not eating the pears" wrong? Is it just the "the"? So far there didn't seem to be a difference between things in general and a specific thing in Czech. Or did I miss something?


There is a difference and most often Czech does use a demonstrative pronoun (ten, ta, to, ty...) to point to specific objects.

There is some very specific situation, where one could translate it with "the" imaginable, but it is really quite artificial, and would make it pretty confusing, if accepted.


There are a couple of Czech or non-English options to choose from the answer blocks here. Might want to correct that.


Duolingo can put there anything it wants, it is done automatically.


"We don't eat pears" should be a valid response too, no?


yes. no reports for that. just two for "We don't ear pears."

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