"Mi venas el Usono."

Translation:I come from the United States.

4 months ago



Could it not also be I am coming from America.

4 months ago


America (Ameriko) is the name of the continent, while the USA (Usono) is just one country of it. It is great that esperanto made this distinction because it seems that the citizens of the USA (usonanoj) dont have it clear. Both North and South Americans are Americans (amerikanoj)

4 months ago


Nope, America is ameriko, USA is Usono.

4 months ago

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Well... sort of. In most of the English-speaking world, "American" is the adjective meaning "related to the USA", and "America", in most contexts, means "The USA."

To Georgie's question - yes, in a properly contrived context it could mean that.

4 months ago


He/She said ameriko, the last time it was a typo

2 weeks ago


"am" is a verb that implies action right now but theres nothing like that in this Esperanto sentence

3 days ago
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