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hello guys, I would like to ask you: I have started from totally 0, learning dutch via duolingo . is it actually work?I am practising every day at least 3 hours but how long does it actually take to have a level that you can understand the others(without any teacher) .Thank you in advance for your time.

4 months ago


Wow we both started on the same day. Yet you are on level 12 and I am on level 9. I understand about 90% of what I learned so far. What about you? This will determine how long it will take for you to talk without a teacher. Depending on how much you remember per lesson it could take between 3-8 months. It will take me about 6 months at the rate i`m going, I think. :D

4 months ago

Oh, and I say "how much do you remember per lesson" because learning a bunch every day and learning a little every day doesn`t mean anything. I could spend 12 hours for a week and be at level 30. But, it does not mean I will learn it any faster than someone who does it 3 hours a day for a week and is at level 10. :D

4 months ago

I could say the same I understand the 90% of the lesson or even a bit more.i agree with you about the fast.stable steps!but the continuous repeating I could say that really works.additionally i have an issue with the speaking. After two months i will start watching some dutch speaking videos even kid animation i guess.i wanted to ask you,did you have an idea of dutch Before?I consider that after 6 months I will be in a level like a2 somehow..

4 months ago

Yeah, I can read almost everything. But I can not say it to save my life. I can make the R,W, and G sounds. But, not very good when its in a sentence. And these 3 letters are in like every sentence. :/ Originally I started dutch over 1 year ago and I thought it would be easy to learn since it is the closest language to English. But, I was wrong. It's more like a mix of German and English than like Old English. This time I also started off learning the sounds in the IPA (If you have not done this DO IT!!! It really helps. Really, Dutch is harder than I thought, but thats what made me like it more. :D

4 months ago

oh,I haven't started IPA yet but I think I will!the pronounce of these letter are the harderst thing in that language I think ,but it is needed to listen.i speak german and I speak english,but it is more close to german!At the moment,no issues.I am moving to Belgium at Spring so I need to learn as fast as I can.

4 months ago
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I've been doing Dutch lessons on Duolingo for about three years. I knew nothing about it when I started. I don't do it for three hours a day, though, that's for sure. I usually do two lessons per day, and on the weekends I sometimes do a few more.

During this time, I have travelled a couple times to the Netherlands, and while I am not fluent by any means, I can say that Duo has absolutely helped me to understand much more signage, for example, and I can carry out simple transactions in stores. I can also amuse my friends by reciting silly Duo sentences about turtles and frikandels being hotter than the surface of the sun.

I sometimes test myself by looking at the NOS site, and there's still a lot that I don't understand. I'll get there eventually, but it will probably take a little more than just Duolingo.

4 months ago

Thank you for your comment.I would like to ask you if there is a book that you can advise me to go faster a little bit with my lessons.I can see that the continuous repeating I remember almost 90 % of what I have learnt but I guess as long as I do not have a teacher I need some book support.

3 months ago
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