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  5. "E hoʻopio i ke kukui."

"E hoʻopio i ke kukui."

Translation:Turn off the light.

October 13, 2018



I had to look up the word 'kukui' and see it refers to the 'candlenut tree', whose nuts Hawaiians would burn to provide light... Nuts took 15 minutes to burn and gave its name to a unit of time...



Are we translating Nellie Furtado songs? ;)


I wish it had seen "Turn of the light" as the typo it was.


Perhps it's just on my device, but as i listen the sound in the glottal stop of ho'opio as if it contains an unnatural sound.


Is there any particular rule about when to use 'oe in an imperative construction, or is it purely a matter of personal preference? I'm thinking the latter since (so far at least) I seem to be marked correct as long as I have e + verb in there.

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