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"A catastrophe happened before the party was over."

Translation:Dorpa' lop qaS lot.

October 13, 2018



Dor seems inaporopriate here, shouldn't it be van?


With {van} the Subject is the actor that does/causes the ending, and the Object is the thing being ended.
With {Dor} the Subject is the thing that comes to an end by itself, and does not take a direct object.


That’s because Dor should be used for a period of time that comes to an end regardless of action (nobody causes the end of a week). The lack of a subject (or rather an indefinite subject) should not preclude the use of van.


You asked if Dor were inappropriate, not whether a different sentence using van could be constructed.

Another sentence might be lop vanlu'pa' qaS lot A catastrophe happens before the party is ended (by someone unspecified). But that's not this sentence.

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