"Do you see any difference between them?"

Translation:Vidíš mezi nimi nějaký rozdíl?

October 13, 2018

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Should it be OK to write "Vidíš nějaký rozdíl mezi nimi?" or does that sound wrong - if it's wrong then is there a specific reason why?


To me it doesn't sound wrong.


It sounds strange to me, but I can't say why. Especially when "Vidíš nějaký rozdíl mezi X a Y?" is perfectly fine.


So why "Vidis nějaky rozdil mezi nimi" is not accepted?


It's not very natural. You'd have to say it with a lot of stress on "rozdíl" to make it usable. Otherwise you're putting weird stress on "mezi" - but when you have "difference" and "them" in a sentence, what else could be there other than "between" to join those words?

Placing "mezi nimi" last is not really stressing "nimi" (them), but the preposition (relation) instead. In a situation where you'd want to say something like: "OK, so you don't see a difference between A and B, but what about C and D, do you see a difference between them?", you'd place "mezi nimi" at the beginning, not at the end, for example: "A mezi nimi nějaký rozdíl vidíš?".

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