What is the most amount of lessons of Dutch you should do every day?

I usually do 20 lessons every day. (200 points). Is this good or bad? How much do you do?

10/14/2018, 1:45:59 AM

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Do as many or as few as you are comfortable with each day.

10/14/2018, 2:59:33 AM

as a professional language teacher, i'd say this was too much/fast. Language is a habit, basically, and a habit needs time to become second nature. Anyway, if you go too fast thru lessons, there might not be enough time for your skills to close in on being second nature. I would suggest doing every level in each lesson until you can answer each question without any hesitation and know every word used, and then do at least one other level! Every so often (I suggest at least after every 3rd lesson...of course, every second or every lesson is even better), go back to a lesson and go thru a level or two, before moving on to a new lesson. I usually do a 45 minute stretch or else two 30-minute stretches, one in the morning and one in the evening. The important thing is to do some Dutch every day.

10/18/2018, 4:03:23 AM

There's no upper limit, but of course you want to keep things in a reasonable balance. How much that is, depends on you. It's also more important to keep practicing a little bit each day than trying to keep the rate constant. There will always be days where you have more or less time.

Some people want and need to put some pressure on themselves to motivate them, for others that would kill the fun and have the opposite effect. Always listen to your internal organs!

10/15/2018, 1:29:52 PM

volg je goesting

10/15/2018, 10:39:42 AM
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200 is quite good I usually do 150 at least

10/15/2018, 5:39:52 PM

20 lessons is very good. That is real dedication and likely improves your vocabulary quite quickly. I also bought a package from #dutchgrammar to support my learning of the grammar and rules. I find Duolingo and that program supporting each others well. This has meant my Duolingo learning to come down to around 5-10 lessons per day, as the other is module based learning, each module taking about 20mins..

10/16/2018, 9:08:03 AM

Je moet gewoon doen wat het fijnst voor jou is :)

10/16/2018, 8:06:07 PM
10/18/2018, 4:37:45 AM
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