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"Allaient-elles à un château ?"

Translation:Did they go to a castle?

April 1, 2013



This sentence was pronounced with no liaison between elles and a. This makes it impossible to distinguish between singular (allait-elle) and plural. Unless there is a clear verbal clue, both should be considered correct. Duolingo users should not be required to be mind-readers.


The liaison between elles and un is optional (at best). Therefore, you are right both singular and plural versions should be accepted.

However, this sentence is wrong in the tense:

"allaient-elles à un château ?" = were they going to a castle?

"did they go to a castle?" = sont-elles allées à un château ?


Still incorrect as of 26/7/13


thanks for the consistenly helpful clarification of the differences between the two past tenses!


This definitely sounds like "allait-elle à un château," especially without the liaison between elles et à (which is unnecessary anyway).


I was wasn't expecting the unnatural-comptuer voice, and I initially heard 'allaite-t-elle un château' ( Is she breastfeeding a castle? ) which was quite a funny thought.

Other than that, it looks like my issues regarding singular/plural and the liaison have been discussed.


I put "they went to a castle?". Is this wrong?


Yes, because you did not use the interrogative form "did they go".


A question on this though... "did they go" implies to me a specific event in the past in English, so... would this not take the past perfect in French? Because here the question in French is in the past imperfect tense - which to me in English implies "Were they going to a castle"? (that is, "Were they (in the process of) going to a castle?")


Please read above my comment before last.

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I didn't translate "chateau" to "castle," because in English we also use the word "chateau." Lost a heart!

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