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any more and anymore

I am at the section trying to teach "ne ,,,,, plus."

For "Je ne veux plus rien manger." the "correct translation was " I do not want to eat any more." instead of "I do not want to eat anymore."

For "Elle n'a plus de lait," the "correct" translation was "She does not have anymore milk." (instead of "any more milk" or "milk anymore." or as an alternative translation "She no longer has milk."

It seems to me that they are using "anymore" and "any more ...." interchangeable and this is not English. The word order and whether it is one words or two conveys different meanings.

They are also marking things wrong when the prefer one or the other even if the English is nonsensical or loses its meaning.

April 1, 2013



use feedback to claim that your solution is to be accepted.


I have used feedback and nothing has happened. That is why I submitted this. I have seen others comment on individual sentences.


You can comment on exercises, but it's meant to talk about language issues people have, not about exercises having mistakes. For those mistakes, it's a lot more useful to use the "report a problem" feature, since it's sent straight to the staff. If you're right, they will consider changing their exercise, eventually.

I had different response times for the reports I made, sometimes it took a few minutes, sometimes a day or two. Sometime I didn't get any answer.

If you see that after a few days the exercises you reported are still not correct, I'd suggest what you just did, posting a thread in the appropriate section. If you don't get answers from an expert (blue star) after a few days, try to send a message to the French expert (Remy), you can find him on the bottom right of the French "Discussion" section.

Concerning your issue with "anymore" vs "any more", it seems after a bit of research that some people consider them to be equivalent, while some people consider there is a difference of meaning. I'm not a native English speaker so I may lack some knowledge on the matter, but it's the first time I heard of this kind of difference, I personally thought they were equivalent.


I have gotten replies in the past saying that I was correct. It has not happened lately. I don't think that all of my attempts of corrections were incorrect.

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