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  5. "My mom likes monkeys."

"My mom likes monkeys."

Translation:Shimá magí bił yáʼátʼééh.

October 14, 2018



My answer keeps coming up wrong


Yáʼátʼééh! Please, do not use the vertical apostrophe / ' / in the Navajo translation. I think you can leave a space instead. This sentence would accept / ya at eeh / or / yá át ééh / (marking a typo, instead of a wrong answer) as in other exercise. The apostrophe used in Navajo is called right closing single quotation or smart single quotation. I think it can be type it as Alt+0146, on Windows. But I cannot assure it because I am only using the Navajo fonts with Multiling Keyboard for Android.

I hope it helps. :)


I don't have Navajo font

[deactivated user]

    Google Input Tools is a free and downloadable app. It has a Navajo keyboard and is easy to use.

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