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  5. "Grandfather eats apples."

"Grandfather eats apples."

Translation:दादा सेब खाते हैं।

October 14, 2018



why it is not 'khata' instead of 'khate' ?


It's because of the respect (formality) for elders. In formal situations and for respected people (including all elders), plural versions are used in every context. For example, with पिता (father): मेरे पिता भारत में हैं - My father is in India. It's the same here.


Why are almost all the "grandfather" and "grandmother" sentences translated with the words दादा and दादी, not नाना and नानी? I am surprised these latter words don't come up more often, we also need to practice them.


They are also accepted as translations, but you are right दादा/दादी seems to show up more often.


And how do I know it's "apples" or "apple"? Shukriya whoever replies


Context. So in this phrase you do not know.


In a previous sentence featuring grandmother eating, I was marked wrong for using the respectful form. So here I used खाता and I was marked wrong again.

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