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"Tamta dívka poznává tamta jména."

Translation:That girl is recognizing those names.

October 14, 2018



The verb is recognizing shoul be changed to recognize or recognizes. The verb recognize is not used in the progressive form.


"Recognizes" is accepted.


That's not true but it's unlikely they mean it in the very specific meaning it has


Can I put my finger on what's strange? Use "is recognizing" and it seems she is in a period where she recognizes the names, but didn't before and won't later (which is impossible as apparently the Slavic here is imperfective), or that she can decide whether to recognize them or not at will. I wonder what they mean by using it in the progressive? Perhaps that she "is coming to recognize" or "has been coming to recognize" those names? I think some more context would really help us out here. It's certainly over my head . . .


FWIW, I think the concept of her being in the process of recognizing the names at a particular point in time, while initially/earlier she didn't recognize them, is quite reasonable. But I don't think that interpretation implies that, if she sees the names again in the future, she will no longer recognize them.


To recognize sth is not a long action so it is not used in the progressive form. Not all verbs are used in the progressive form. When you recognize sth. You see it and you know in that instance what it is. I recognize not I am recognizing.


But this one I'm sticking to... I tried the "getting to know" version, and have asked that it should be accepted as a correct answer.


It is much less likely here, I have to check some examples or corpus first.


I was only thinking "That girl is getting to know those names" is as likely to appear as a sentence as "That girl is recognising those names" - that is, I think both of them are pretty unlikely! But you can find a context where each of them might just happen. The only one I really think works in English is "That girl recognises those names". But I'm really just happy to be learning, so I'm not going to quibble about it!


I think the problem here is with the English. I cannot think of any circumstances in which that sentence would be used in English.


Of course. When you watch a crime film' someone recognizes names' meaning they have seen them before on some list.


But you would not say that they had been recognising names. My Dictionary suggests 'getting to know' also for POZNAT (it actually gives it as the No.1option). She was getting to know those names might be a better English translation.

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