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  5. "This is the valid price."

"This is the valid price."

Translation:Ini harga yang berlaku.

October 14, 2018



What does the word "yang" do in this sentence?


that is/which is


"Yang" can be use for many situation as a conjuction.

  1. For pointing the next sentence after the "yang" word

Eg. Orang yang baik hati (A kind hearted person)

  1. Give an explanation to the next sentence to refer the previous sentence.

Eg. Seorang kakek yang duduk di halte itu sedang menunggu taksi (The old man sit on that bus station is waiting for a taxi)

In this sentence: Ini harga yang berlaku

It shows the validity of a specific price.

The price there is unchangeable.


Ini harga berlaku? Isn't this correct?


I feel like another alternative to this sentence would be "Harga ini berlaku".


While "Harga ini berlaku" implies the same thing and is grammatical, it is unfaithful to the original sentence as it means "This price is valid."


I think there is a subtle difference. If I was bargaining over the price, the seller might say, Ini harga berlaku = This is the (valid) price ... meaning that this is the price I will offer. Ini harga yang berlaku would be what would be said if I queried the price ... e.g. Is this the price with the discount? I may be wrong, but 'yang' usually adds some specific meaning ... but not always.


"Ini harga berlaku" would translate "This is the price is valid," and is ungrammatical. "Ini harga yang berlaku" (the best solution) translates "This is the price that is valid" (note that "yang" is mandatory because "berlaku" is a verb). An alternative might be "Harga ini berlaku," but that translates "This price is valid" which is unfaithful to the original sentence as "This" is the subject in the original rather than "This price."


This is the price we can do.

Berlaku indicates to me that something can be done.

To me indicates that is a price that can be done.

Surely validity would be like benar or betul etc


Is it "yang" optional?


No, "yang" is mandatory. Without it, the sentence becomes "This is the price is valid." If you really wanted to remove "yang," I think you would have to also remove "ber-" as it derives the verb "berlaku" from "laku," but I am uncertain of the full implications this would have as I don't really know what "laku" alone means.


"Ini yang harga berlaku" is considered wrong.

Can someone explain why?

I would think that it translates to "this is the right price", whereas "Ini harga yang berlaku" would be "this price is right".

Both seem appropriate when striking a deal.


"Ini harga yang berlaku" translates "This is the price that is valid;" note the order of "Ini" relative to "harga." Your proposed solution of "Ini yang harga berlaku" would translate to "This that is the price is valid" which, while technically grammatical, would be unfaithful to the original sentence (and probably strange?).


I guess it's the order, remember the order is not the same in English and Indonesian


what does yang mean?


Why is "Ini harganya berlaku" not correct?


You're repeating the subject twice, which is redundant. Translating "ini harganya berlaku" would form "this its price is valid". The suffix "-nya" makes the word it's attached to refer to the possessor (like a possessive noun). If you want to use "-nya", then the sentence has to be changed into just "Harganya berlaku". However, you would need another sentence to clarify what you want to refer to in front of the new sentence. For example, "Ini sebatang pen yang murah. Harganya berlaku." Of course, I speak Malay and not Indonesian so there might be slight inconsistencies in language.


The problem with your sentence is that you are missing the "yang" before "berlaku." It is mandatory because "berlaku" is a verb unlike "valid" (an adjective) in the English sentence.


Does the sentence literally mean "This is the price that is valid?"


Yes, that is correct.


I thought this lesson is about ber- verbs. Can someone explain? Thanks.


In this sentence, "ber-" is appended to "laku" to make "berlaku" which is a verb rather than an adjective (thus requiring the preceding "yang" so it describes "harga").


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"Ini harga yang berlaku" literally means "This is the price that applies".


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