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"Big animals do not eat grass."

Translation:बड़े जानवर घास नहीं खाते ।

October 14, 2018



This feels like one where "kha hota" should be right? Big animals do not eat grass (habitually), rather than The big animals do not eat The grass? Or am I wrong?


The होता है form for stating a general fact only applies to adjectives, for example बड़े जानवर डरावने होते हैं, "Big animals are (in general) scary". It doesn't work with verbs.


"Kha hota" would be wrong in any case , it's gramatical structure is wrong.


Does anyone know how to type ड़ with google input tools? Or any other tool?


Notice where the ़ is, on the right of the first page. Then tap ड, and the ़ will have become ड़, tap it.

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