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  5. "DIron bop lurveng paq chu'."

"DIron bop lurveng paq chu'."

Translation:Lurveng's new book is about bagpipes.

October 14, 2018



the words available let me compose "Lurveng new book subject is bagpipes" which I think should be valid, but it is not accepted.


In English you would need possessive -'s on Lurveng and book.


Ah, thanks... Well, I think the phrase would work without the genitive for the book, but it definitely needs it for Lurveng.

By the way, this course is challenging my English knowledge and habits as well, which is good.

P.S. I think I was taught at school that Saxon genitive was to be used for people only. Clearly, that is {qeQ}, as I see it used everywhere. But it's true that you can use "the book cover" for "the book's cover", with a similar enough meaning.


Yet, I never hear "the book topic" or "the book subject". Perhaps it is a regional thing.

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