"Tłʼoh chin yį́yą́."

Translation:He is eating an onion.

October 14, 2018

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    The non-progressive present "eats" should be accepted as well as the progressive present "eating" in the English translation, as the progressive aspect hasn't even been taught yet imho.

    Addendum: As far as I can tell, Navajo doesn't have any definite or indefinite articles, so the translation should accept "the onion" as well as "an onion" imo.

    I am by no means an expert at Navajo, and am not a native speaker. I am however trying to learn the grammar as best as I can.


    he eats onion he is eating onion. :))


    Please provide sound to learn how to communicate


    It requires you to use the word he


    The translation is closer to "is eating an onion". There is no he or she.


    Yes, but as I understand it, "yį́yą́" is specifically the third-person verb form of the verb meaning "...is eating..." or "...eats...", so "he," "she" or "it" (or the name of an actual person, for example) is implied.


    aahhee' what is the first person?

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