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Duolingo Hawaiian on Tinycards

Here y'all go:


Message me if there's any problems, I don't speak Hawaiian I just did the course.

Also, some of the translations are a bit off because all my notes were translated from and back into English.

October 14, 2018



These are the last few phrases I'd like to have added to the deck, mostly for context.

  • E hoʻihoʻi ʻoe i nā mea pāʻani! – put your toys back!
  • E hoʻomaʻemaʻe ʻoe i ka hale! – tidy the house!
  • E hoʻomaʻemaʻe kākou i ka papahele – let's clean the floor
  • E wehe ʻoe i ka puka aniani – open the window
  • E pani ʻoe i ka puka aniani – close the window
  • E hoʻopio i nā kukui – turn off the lights
  • E hoʻā i nā kukui – turn on the light


As one who has created a bunch of TinyCards decks (for Italian) I would suggest breaking up your collection into separate decks - beyond about 50 cards, the decks start to have issues. Perhaps one deck for each lesson in the Hawaiian Duolingo curriculum, allowing folks to pick the part they want to work on to match their progress. (and lingot to you for your efforts)

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