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  5. "मेरे हाथ में दर्द है ।"

"मेरे हाथ में दर्द है "

Translation:There is pain in my hand.

October 14, 2018



The correct answer is a literal translation. However answers such as "My hand hurts" or "My hand is aching" should be accepted. Please correct it


This section is inconsistent - it accepts 'my foot is aching' as correct but 'my hand is aching' is marked incorrect. This needs to be sorted out as it becomes counterproductive -


Agree. Though, I think they are making a distinction between the Hindi 1. ...में द्रद है। There is pain in ... 2. ... में दर्द हो रहा है। ... is aching.

This is why it's inconsistent between those two variants.

In English we use the two formsv also slightly different, e.g. My muscle had been aching all day (though this is perfect if there continuous) as opposed to: I have pain in my arm now (but not before).

Though the also accepted: I've am headache (can't remember, but i think for nr1).


"There is pain in my hand is" has the same meaning in English as "my hand is aching"


"There is pain in my hand" (marked correct) is an awkward English construction


i would certainly disagree, though "a pain" might be better, since if you use this construction instead of "my hand hurts", then you are probably referring to a specific kind of pain, like a sharp pain, etc.


Most certainly it is. At the very least you'd need "some" before the pain, "There is some pain in my hand".


my hand is in pain (was also accepted).

Using the previous model sentence===>
My hand is aching.
मेरे हाथ में दर्द [ हो रहा ] है ।

"पीटर के पैर में दर्द हो रहा है।" Translation:Peter's foot is aching.


"My hand hurts": more idiomatic.


Why we are using mere instead of mera


It's because of "mein". This causes mera to change to mere.


hope it gets better


Rheumatoid arthritis??


'My hand is hurting' was considered wrong...Now that I think about it, I think it's probably not the best way to put it-but is it really wrong? (I'm not a native speaker)


My hand is pain correct not there is pain in my hand


no, it must be my hand is IN pain. there is pain in my hand is also fine.

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