"C'est utile."

Translation:That is useful.

April 1, 2013

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"That is necessary" which was the second correct translation does not mean the same as "That is useful" in English.


It's not a question of what "That is useful" means, it's a question of what "C'est utile" means. And there are other valid interpretations than "useful", including "necessary". http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/utile/79866 http://www.wordreference.com/fren/utile


I had to choose from a list of English words which didn't even include "useful". I substituted "necessary", and it was marked correct, but doesn't mean the same thing at all.


Utile as an adjective can mean: necessary, useful, required, helpful. http://www.wordreference.com/fren/utile English speakers like to zoom in on "useful" (and why not) because it LOOKS like it would be "useful". But the French is not a single word to single word translation. So if by thinking "It is useful" you have excluded the other interpretations, you may be thinking too narrowly. You will have better luck by understanding the broader meaning of "utile" before attempting to say it only be translated with one English word.


Usable can not be useful?


Is there a difference between the pronunciation of "outil" and "utile"? Sounds the same for me.


"outil" and "utile" do not have the same pronunciation. The biggest difference is that you do not pronounce the "l" at the end of the word "outil", but you do pronounce the "l" at the of "utile".

outil (tool) = [uti]

utile (useful) = [ytil]

the audio is available on the Larousse website


Thank you -- I had the same question


could "il est utile" be used instead?


<not a native speaker> I would think that "Il est utile." would translate to "It/He is useful." more accurately, whereas "C'est utile." would be used for "This/That is useful"


In general, yes, but not necessarily. The problem lies with the distinction between "ce" and "il". The first means "this" or "that", but the second means "he" or "it".


Sorry folks, learn the word "useful" a second language can be usefull when visiting foreign countries. A bottle opener can be very "useful" when opening a bottle of wine with a cork.


why is "he is useful" not a valid translation?


You will say Il est utile.


There was no word "useful" in the list of choices


Why "it's helpful' is wrong?

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