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Youtube Video for Navajo Duolingo Vocabulary List

Hello Learners,

I took the liberty of spending three hours working on a list that is on Duolingo Navajo and explaining them a little more in-depth. I then recorded the audio and spent another half-an-hour today editing and making sure the audio is well aligned with the transitioning of slides. I hope that is of great assistance as you can now hear a native speaker explain and pronounce the words. I am also available for private tutoring shall any of you wish to go much further in-depth in learning Navajo. ̨ Here is the link to my Navajo YouTube channel that I have been planning to launch for months but decided now was the right time.


I hope that is of great assistance.



October 14, 2018



You’ve really gone above and beyond.Ahéhee’


’Aoo’, lą́’ąą dóó ’ahxéhee’.


This is pretty dope! More vids t’áá shǫǫdí!


Hágooshį́į́ lą́ą. Ła’ ’ániid ’ánáánéishdlaa ’áko dínííł’įįł. :)


You are very kind :)


Thank you for taking the time to do this. I especially liked the example where you color-coded the sentence and translation.

I have a better understanding now of how difficult it will be to add audio to the Duolingo course. I quite possibly will never speak the language well- but I think you have already made me a better listener!


’Aoo’, lą́’ąą. :)


’Ahxéhee’ lą́ą.


this is very useful! id love to see a video on pronunciation like we have in the other courses, that'd help too thanks a lot!


How so? I don't understand what you are requesting sorry.


This is great! Do you have a paypal or something similar that you wouldn't mind linking? I'd love to support you and the labor that you put into this resource!


The DuoLingo program is really lacking on this, and this is a particularly challenging language for non-native speakers. They should be working with someone like you to bring it up to par with the other programs.


'Ahxéhee'!!! Thanks for this awesome video!!! Thanks for explaining about the tones and everything. Have some lingots! And also thanks for the hx spelling. It is great to have a more phonetic spelling when the two h are pronounced differently in this word.


Hello Fiyalka, thank you for both of your amazing comments. I actually have been brainstorming the past week on what videos to produce next for Navajo. I hope to have something out today or tomorrow! Stay tuned!


great work my friend, thank you so much, i need to translate a song of healing for a school project. The healing navajo song on youtube too. Any help is good. thx.


Ahé’hee’ for your help my friend! I am looking forward to more videos being released on your YouTube channel!


Well, I have stopped making Navajo videos. I didn't have a great nor positive experience when making them. I enjoyed making videos as they were fun to make. However, due to disrespectful comments made to me I have suspended making videos indefinitely and don't know when I will return to it. I was made to feel as if this was a waste of my time. Honestly, I feel it is. I'm not going to produce any native level speakers so I have given up for the time being. Maybe I will have a change of heart but we'll see.

Thank you, though.


Be assured that your videos are everything else, but not a waste of time. Every single bit of language and language information that is on YouTube (or anywhere else out there) is awesome and a treasure - and one step on the way of producing a native lever speaker.
There will always be stupid people (i.e. haters), and now and then they happen upon you, and it is totally fine to simply delete and forget their comments.
Also, I have seen discussions inside Native American communities about what is right and what is wrong, but the thing with languages is: there are often many different ways to say a thing, and those ways differ regionally. That is true with all other languages, too. You don't even have to take US English and British English; even inside the US there are words and phrases and even grammar that are used in some areas and in others not at all. Some people may not be aware of that. Just be patient with them.
As for producing native level speakers - it takes a whole community to do that. In the end, it comes down to parents speaking the language in their family and to their children for a language to be alive. That is not an easy thing to do with large language gaps in the families (and a long list of other difficulties), but the immersion kindergartens (of which there are still way too few) are one important step on that way. YouTube videos are another important step on that way.
I personally have very much hope for the Native American languages, seeing the efforts that have been taken by so many courageous people lately, including you.


*'ahxéhee' or 'ahéhee' (:

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