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"It is predicted that it is going to snow."

Translation:peD 'e' 'aqlu'.

October 14, 2018



Would {peD net 'aq.} be accepted?


In other kinds of sentences and for other users of 'aq it would be appropriate to use net instead of 'e' -lu'. For weather forecasts, it is not wrong to use net, but the standard is to use the otherwise atypical 'e' -lu. Both are accepted in the exercise when translating from English to Klingon.


"Act of God," is what we call the weather after it happens. Could this explain why the atypical is standard (I'm not trying to be smart.)? The difference between {'e'} and {net } is still a little fuzzy for me.


Marc Okrand intentionally made weather reporting nonstandard. I suspect he did it to cover up other times when he did it by mistake. :D

{sentence 1} net {verb} means exactly the same thing as {sentence 1} 'e' {verb}-lu'. TKD says that you're supposed to use the net version when the subject of the second sentence is indefinite, but he's used 'e' Xlu' a few times before without explanation.

Since we don't know whether these were errors (yeah, they probably were) or invoked some special grammar we aren't privy to (or are retrofit to do so), it's best to follow the rules and use net for all cases of an indefinite subject on the second sentence, except when reporting the weather.

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