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"Yáʼátʼééh abiní haash yinilyé?"

Translation:Good morning, what is your name?

October 14, 2018



I absolutely am so happy they put this language on here because all the stuff my ancestors have been through deserve to hace their own language on Duolingo. It also keeps the small language alive.


Me too! So glad someone is in the same boat as me!


Will duolingo add audio? I would like to know how to say these words


@CocoCole1 I agree with you- this desperately Needs audio. I hope Duolingo finds someone to help them with this.


Hello, all of you are Navajos? My name is Gilberto, I'm Italian. I would like to know how to pronounce the words, I don't have any clue. Thanks.


I am not Navajo, but I have studied it. I gave a brief explanation of how to read it here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29164461


Hello Doc, I am Swiss and I am trying to learn Navajo language, and would love to know how to pronounce the words . I truely hope that there will be sometime soon a volunteer to make all the audio. But already a big thank you gor all the good work to all those who contributed!


I'm part navajo, but i am in the same boat as you lol


Is there any reason for the omission of the comma in the Navajo translation?


I asked shimá sání, but she didn't know. We can probably come to the conclusion that we like our little swishes (or maybe it's just my family).

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I: Ha, my friend Ash is so funny. We are both Yin & Yang:

I'd love to know where my other friend has gone all these years.

Or WHAT was his name? HAASH?. HAASH YIN? I would like to know if the name was ye or Haash. Maybe I'll find out in the MORNING.

What is your name? Is it Haash Yin? I would like to know. Maybe the name was ye ... I guess I will never know.


Yáʼát ééh abiní haash yinilyé

ACCENTS: ʼ 6: ´´´´´´


Anyone else taking lessons to learn about the language your ancestors spoke??


My ancestors' language is not on Duolingo yet, but with other sources and language summer classes I have come far in it. :o)
We also have a handful of synchronized movies by now - but not as cool as the Navajo ones! :D
Finding Nemo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oChIg8dA09I
or Starwars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR13lIRLfic&t=13s


Added audio,thank you! :D This helps immensely!


Hmm. I still don't have audio. Are you using an apple device by any chance? I saw someone in another discussion say it worked on apple but not android (or the web version). I find this very odd.


I have android, that's really odd o.O


Yes, very odd. You'd think it'd be all or nothing! Maybe they've gotten it to work for the app on any platform now, and are still working on the web version. Either that or it's being rolled out to a few people at a time.

But! I just got my first ever "Type what you hear" exercise. I still don't have audio on anything else, but did get to hear shimasaní.


Aha! It occurred to me that "type what you hear" exercise was from early in the tree, and the rest of my questions were later in the tree (I was doing a "strengthening" review).

I just went back to the first level and tried a few exercises and THEY HAVE AUDIO!!!

So, that may be why it seems inconsistent. Only some of the exercises have audio so far. But yay for the ones that do!


Would "yinilye" also mean "name"?


Not just "name," but specifically your name. (I think it's actually you-are-called.)

First person ("my name is") is yinishyé, and third person is wolyé.


I wrote exactly good answer and I have a communication that is wrong :/


The same thing just happened to me, I came here too see if someone else was in the same situation as me


I need to know how to pronouce the words in navajo

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