"I will go to the temple tomorrow night."

Translation:Saya akan pergi ke pura besok malam.

October 15, 2018

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Why is candi not an available translation for temple?


In the earlier lessons Duolingo kept omitting the "pergi". Here it's considered wrong writing "Saya akan ke Pura besok malam". Why?


It would depend on the context. But pergi is the actual verb. Ke is just a word that means I’m about to say the destination now. If someone already asked “where are you going?” It can be okay to just respond with “ke destination”. It’s not really correct, but it’s commonly used anyway. In fact, a common question when sitting next to someone on public transportation is “Mau ke mana?” Where the verb pergi is left out in the question.


It is allowed to write "Saya ke masjid", but not "Saya akan ke Pura besok malam". Why is omitting the "pergi" here wrong, but correct in other examples? (15.7.21)


I can think of a few others. The bible's use of temple is translated as 'bait allah'. There's also 'bait suci'. So many words for temple in this language. lol.


Bait allah in Indonesia also can meaning kaabah


Why is "Saya akan pergi ke wihara besok malam" marked wrong ? Isn't "wihara" a synonym for temple ?


I agree. Duoling spent some time teaching that, wilhara, candi and pura, all meant 'temple' according to the religion. Either one should be accepted as there is no clue to the religion in the question.

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