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"Kalian percaya ada surga dan neraka?"

Translation:Do you believe there is heaven and hell?

October 15, 2018



I believe "You believe in heaven and hell?" or "You believe there is a Heaven and Hell?". The Indonesian sentence has chosen to forego the question marker "apakah", so they should accept the English translation that forgoes our question marker "do you" also. We do speak like that in English also.


Translation should be "Do you believe in heaven and hell? "


Halo teman! I can see there are two verbs in the Indonesian sentence. In your sentence, "believe" is the only verb. So, the meaning is close, but the structure is different.

Selamat belajar! :)


I think it depends if you are transliterating, or translating for meaning. I still think that my translation keeps the meaning but is more commonly used in English.


I understand, and I always prefer a better English translation if the English sentence is wrong. Sorry, I am not an English native speaker. Please, report the Duolingo sentence if the English grammar is wrong, using the report button. :)

Edit: Your sentence "Do you believe in heaven and hell?" is already accepted as an alternative answer. Terima kasih. :)


hi, what do you think about:

"Do you believe that heaven and hell exist?"


That's probably the best way to translate this, while avoiding any grammar errors (or informalities in grammar) in English. Most people don't talk like this, but it is a correct way to state it.


I always like literal translation better because I am here to study Indonesian. Not natural English translation of it.


"you believe there is heaven and hell" Should be accepted as a question or a statement.


The English is ungrammatical. You need an indefinite article in front of "heaven" and "hell," or at least before "heaven." Should be: "Do you believe there is a heaven and hell."


Another way to solve the problem would be to capitalize the terms for heaven and hell. That would eliminate the need for an indefinite article or (more appropriate to Indonesian grammar) a classifier.

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