"Saya mau minum jus stroberi."

Translation:I want to drink strawberry juice.

October 15, 2018

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is this something you would say when you order, or would it be rude? how do you say 'i would like to...' also do you add silakan at the end?


"Silakan" would be something that you're going to say as the Waiter, not customer.

If you want to be polite as a customer, you can just say "Aku mau/ingin [makanan]"

Want to be more polite? Do it in a form of question like "Bolehkah saya memesan [makanan]?"

"I would like to..." is just roughly the same in Indonesian with "I want to...", yes this is also polite.


The audio did not work for this on the web client


has anyone actually had strawberry juice as a drink?

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